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Dan Welter is a creative problem solver, in the truest sense of the word.

Dan began his career at a small advertising agency and then the local NBC television station in Omaha, Nebraska. From there he has enjoyed producing stunning creative at nationally known agencies like Young & Rubicam, Campbell Mithun and Barkley & Evergreen. After the years of agency experience, Dan went on to form his own production company. “If I had to choose a single strength, it would have to be television commercials and broadcast projects. This is where my heart lies.” Dan has created literally hundreds of commercials, corporate and non-profit films, 30 minute infomercials, and made-for-web videos.

He'll tell you they were all “Sensational”, but let's just say they were all “Really, really good”. What can he do for you? How about turning “also-ran” tv spots into well crafted, attention-getting, response-generating, winning communication? That's what.

Some of Dan's successes are:

The second longest running national thirty minute infomercial in America,
David Dikeman's Command Performance

A series of commercials for Worlds of Fun's new “Mamba” roller
coaster, judged the best in the world by the International
Association of Amusement Parks

“Kansas State University's”recruitment film, judged the best
college recruitment film in the United States.

And finally a made for TV movie:“More Than Puppy Love” an
independent project financed and produced locally, Dan's years
of experience merged well with the writer/director's first
movie project.

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