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To My Cameron Cousins...

As some of you know, I discovered lots of the old photos that my Mom and I had were fading, yellowing and foxing with age. Before all the Cameron and Klecka family history was lost I decided to scan them and do some retouching.

While repairing what I could (a massive job on many of the photographs), I thought that you might enjoy seeing yourselves as we used to look -- as well as seeing our parents, grandparents, great- and great-great-grandparents.  Some of the photos you may have; some may be new to you.

Each photo in the Galleries are linked to a larger image - just click on the image you want to see. If you want a higher resolution image for printing you'll need to email me and I'll send you a 300 ppi version back.

Some photos I'm not sure of the year they were taken -- or even who some of the people may be. If any of you know the correct year, or the name of an Unknown, please email me so I can correct the information.

If you have some family pics of us that you'd like to share, please send them and I'll add what I can. I'm sure the rest of us cousins would like to see them. It would be fun to substitute some of the ones I ended putting up with photos from the family.

The photo's of the Fitchie's that were available from the Trust archives are up along with a little information about George Galbraith. The photos are for family use only; they're from the Galbraith Trust Archives.

I hope you enjoy looking back and reviving some old memories. I'll let you know when there are updates. I hope the cousins email me so we can all have an updated list.

-- Susan

P.S. for a bit of dumb holiday humor, take a look at the Christmas Animation (Flash) that I did last year....

Cameron Galleries

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