Flash animation

Wishing you and
everyone you love
a wonderful holiday season
and a
very properous New Year!
-- Susan and Dan.

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It took me a little over a year - working off and on in 2009 - to create all the illustrations and the frame-by-frame Flash animation for this minute and a half holiday cartoon. Just click on the picture to play it. If it loads slowly or stops and starts (sputters) while playing on your computer, stop it and give the video a chance to 'catch up', then click on the play bar again.

Each element: the eyes, mouth, eyebrows, moustache, hat, sleeve, hands, etc., was drawn and animated separately. For those of you who have asked, yes, it does look like Dan sitting in the chair sleeping, and yes, those are illustrations of our two Wheatons, Teagan and Guinness.

I hope you enjoy this little project as much as I did putting it together. -- Susan

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